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Custom Bedding

Your home should reflect your unique personality and style, and there’s no better way to do that than with custom bedding and accessories from Mr. K’s Fabric Shop. Our custom-made accessories are created to fit your specific needs, making each one truly unique and helping you achieve a one-of-a-kind personalized custom decor. Whether you need new bedding, tablecloths, or anything in between, our skilled seamstresses can make your dreams into reality.

Here are just a sample of the custom decor options we offer at Mr. K’s Fabric Shop:


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so the reason goes that your bedding should be as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as possible. Choose a fabric and style that matches your room design, and you’ll see why so many never go back to pre-made bedding. Unique mattress sizes and shapes are also never a problem with custom bedding. Let us help you create the bedding of your dreams. Our team can make your sweet design dreams into your reality.

Pillow Shams

Decorative pillow shams are essential elements to the design style of your bedroom, but the shams you find on the shelves are so limiting. With Mr. K’s Fabric Shop, you can create pillow shams that coordinate with your custom bedding and reflect your style better than you could ever have imagined. The sizes and shapes are unlimited, and so are the possibilities.

Custom Bedding, Mr. K’s Fabric Shop, Bed Sheets, Custom Comforters, Decor Accents near Quincy, Illinois (IL)
Decor Accents, Mr. K’s Fabric Shop Custom Bedding, Bed Sheets, Custom Comforters, near Quincy, Illinois (IL)

Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards are all the rage right now, but you don’t have to choose from the same selection of cream and gray fabrics you find everywhere else on the market. Mr. K’s Fabric Shop can help you make a custom upholstered headboard for any size bed and to match any style of bedding. From luxurious tufted velvets to sleek modern linens, your headboard will become a focal point instead of just a necessity. Take it to the next level by coordinating with your custom bedding from Mr. K’s Fabric Shop for a comprehensive bedroom design.

Table Runners

With so many different table shapes and sizes, it just makes sense to get custom table runners made specifically for your table’s dimensions. Accentuate your dining room’s style with fabrics you love while protecting your table from scratches caused by centerpieces. We can even create a suite of table runners in styles to suit your changing seasonal decor for year-round entertaining options.


Tablecloths are important for protecting your table, but they shouldn’t look utilitarian. A good tablecloth invites your guests and families to your table and draws on design elements from around the dining room. Choose from a wide array of fabrics for your custom tablecloth, sized to fit your table shape perfectly. Your dining room will look magazine-editorial-ready in no time.

Window Seats and Pillows

A good window seat is often one of the attractions of a home, but the lack of standardization in window seat sizes makes it next to impossible to find a replacement cushion at a store. Let us make custom window seat upholstery and pillows for you, so your beloved reading nook can finally match your home decor again.

Chair Pads

The chair pads you find on the shelves rarely fit the wide range of chair shapes on the market, so custom chair pads really are the best way to style your seating. Get the perfect fit in a fabric you love. You can even coordinate your tablecloths or runners to your dining room chair cushions for a custom solution for the whole room!

Custom Bedding, Mr. K’s Fabric Shop, Bed Sheets, Custom Comforters, Decor Accents near Hamilton, Illinois (IL)

And so much more!

Have you something in mind you want to create that isn’t listed here? We would love to help! Contact us with any of your custom decor dreams, and our designers will be happy to discuss your options for free!


Contact Mr. K’s Fabric Shop for all your custom bedding and accessories. We would love to help you create the perfect designs for your home. Request a free upholstery consultation today by calling us at (217) 222-5816 or emailing us at Mr. K’s Fabric Shop is located in Quincy, IL, and we are happy to serve the surrounding area, including Hamilton, IL, Hannibal, MO, Monroe City, MO, and Keokuk, IA.