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Modern Trends for Shutters in 2021

Plantation shutters are a classic window treatment dating back to Ancient Greece. And while their staying power is a testament to their durability and usefulness, their traditional aesthetic is not always in tune with today’s modern interior designs. Happily, plantation shutters from Hunter Douglas have kept up with the times, and now the brand offers three district styles of plantation shutters including Heritance® Hardwood ShuttersPalm Beach™ Shutters, and NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters. Though the three types of shutters are constructed from different materials, they are all customizable and on-point with the trends for shutters in 2021 that include modern color choices, larger louver sizes, and hidden tilt rods.

Heritance® Hardwood Shutters near Quincy, Illinois (IL) included in Modern trends for shutters in 2021.

1. Modern Colors

Traditionally plantation shutters came in natural wood tones. And while this natural color palette is warm and welcoming in traditional design, it can read dated or unintegrated in modern interior design. However, that’s not to say that plantation shutters themselves aren’t modern the streamlined design and clean lines of shutters pair perfectly with many modern aesthetics provided their styling, including their color, is contemporary. When it comes to trends for shutters in 2021 expect to see the use of white, black, and grey as the new neutrals, and also expect to see bolder color choices from blues to emeralds as modern design embraces color and the choices homeowners have for custom colors continue to grow.

2. Larger Louver Size

The louver on a plantation shutter is the slat that runs horizontally across the window. Traditional louvers are 2.5” wide, but for trends for shutters in 2021 larger louver sizes including 3.5” and 4.5” inch louvers are favored. The larger louvers allow for more natural light and airflow when open a better view as well as there are few louvers per shutter to obstruct the view and larger spaces between those louvers. Increased sunlight can also equate to more solar heat in colder months which can help warm interior spaces naturally and decrease the need for altricial, and costly, indoor heating. Lastly, larger louver sizes are also a better base for bolder colors, like black or blues, because their larger louvers can hold more dynamic designs without looking overwhelmed. All three styles of Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters are available in multiple louver sizes from the traditional 2.5” slats to the more modern 4.5” louvers.

3. Hidden Tilt Rods

To operate traditional plantation shutters you would use a tilt rod, a vertical rod affixed to the center, the front side of the louvers used to manually open or close all the slats in unison. Though practical, the tilt rod also has drawbacks in that it breaks the clean lines of plantation shutters and obstructs the view. So, trends for shutters in 2021 eliminate the tilt rod in favor of more high-tech operating systems. Motorized shutters offer convivence of use, optimal light control, and personalization automation options that can customize window treatments to best suit your unique lifestyle.

PowerView® Automation is a system that not only motorizes shutters but also adds additional features. Shutters outfitted with PowerView® Automation have the option of multiple different user interfaces including remote control, an affixed wall panel, an app that can be controlled by a smart phone or being synced with a smart-home system. Automated shutters can also be scheduled to open/close in tune with your daily routine, or they can cue to temperature or light to increase the energy efficiency of your home. While only Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Shutters are compatible with PowerView® Automation, we have a variety of other window treatments that are compatible, and equally stylish.

If you’re ready to embrace the trends for shutters in 2021, contact Mr. K's Fabric Shop today to request your free consultation to discuss the benefits of plantation shutters and the modern options available for this classic window treatment. Located near Quincy, Illinois, Mr. K's Fabric Shop serves the greater tri-state area including Hannibal, MO; Monroe City, MO; Keokuk, IA, Hamilton, IL; and Quincy, IL.