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Streamline Your Lifestyle with Automated Shades

Streamline Your Lifestyle with Automated Shades near Quincy, Illinois (IL) for Time Saving and Improved Efficiency

If you’ve ever had a well-established routine, then you’ve experienced the benefits of such a lifestyle. However, when you’re managing the routine yourself, you might feel stressed or like your life is rather monotonous. Often it can be difficult to find the balance between streamlining your life and allowing flexibility for fun and spontaneity. This can be even harder when you find yourself indoors for a long period of time. You might find yourself settled into a pattern that feels like a rut. However, if you had a way to streamline your life that didn’t require your active planning, then you could save time, have a more efficient home, and still enjoy new experiences. Using automated shades from Mr. K’s Fabric Shop can help you save time, cue actions in your schedule, and improve your home’s efficiency.

Save Time

Your window treatments are probably not on your mind most of the time, but when you stop to consider them, how much time do you spend making adjustments? If you’re taking full advantage of your light and privacy control with traditional operating systems, that means you are moving from window to window to adjust your shades. If some of your windows are harder to reach, you might spend a little longer there, experiencing a bit of frustration. With PowerView® Automation for shades, you can simply control your shades with a remote or your mobile device. Not only does this save the time you spend walking, but you can also control your shades in groups.

Cue Actions in Your Schedule

In addition to controlling your shades with a mobile device, you can also schedule them to operate automatically. This gives you the opportunity to assign meaning to their movements. If you associate certain movements of your shades with times in your schedule that you usually manage, you can save yourself some stress. For example, if your children have a certain time they watch TV and have a time limit, you could schedule the shades in the living room to close at the time they begin watching TV and schedule them to reopen whenever they should stop watching TV. The cues of your window treatments are more subtle than a timer and offer a friendly solution while eliminating the need for you to track a schedule and routine.

Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

While you can schedule your shades to streamline your lifestyle, you can also schedule them to harness the sun’s natural heating properties. For example, if you have a set of windows that face directly in the sun, you might want your shades to open and close at certain times. If it is cold outside, you may want your shades to open at sunrise and allow your home to warm a bit from the sunlight. On the other hand, if it is hot outside, you might want your shades to close as the sun approaches the peak to block the extra heat.

If you want to streamline your lifestyle with automated shades, visit Mr. K’s Fabric Shop in Quincy, Illinois. We serve Keokuk, Iowa; Hannibal and Monroe City, Missouri; and Hamilton, Illinois. Our experienced staff can walk you through the process from exploring your needs to installing the perfect window treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.