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Incorporate Fabrics as a Design Element

Incorporate Fabrics as a Design Element with Textures, Folds, and Colors near Quincy, IL

The overall feel of your home is created through a whole mix of elements. While some features make a statement, every piece works together to emit a certain mood or feel. By carefully mixing and matching your furniture, flooring, colors, and decor, you can send a very specific message to any houseguests. As you fill a room, you create an overall vibe, but adding additional textures and materials can add hints and vary the tone a little bit. When it comes to these design nuances, fabrics play a pretty important role. With a variety of window treatments in hundreds of fabric options, Mr. K’s Fabric Shop can help you incorporate fabrics as a design element in your home.

If you tend to lean toward a more simplistic design, you can incorporate fabrics as a design element. With this approach to design, you’ll most likely lay a foundation for your design with flooring choices, paint colors, and simple, functional furniture. While a more traditional approach may include incorporating ornate detail and then decorating with knickknacks and other finishes, this simpler design style involves decorating with practical fabrics that you use throughout your home. With a basic color palette and mood, you can further enhance your space with the different fabrics you use.

The best way to incorporate fabrics as a design element is to ask yourself what would make sense in a space. If you prefer using a coffee table because you need a place to keep cups and mugs, you probably won’t want to use an ottoman to incorporate fabrics. On the other hand, if you like comfort and lying down to relax in front of the TV, you can use throw pillows and blankets for touches of fabric. The same applies to other practical items such as your shower curtain, bath towels, dish towels, and bedding. If you choose items for both their functionality and style, you can create a simple seamless design.

Window treatments are a great example of a practical way to incorporate fabrics as a design element. By choosing window coverings that make a statement, you can naturally draw the eye to your windows. Since natural light creates warmth and makes a space feel more open, you guests will probably feel happier when that’s the first thing they notice. With Hunter Douglas products from Mr. K’s Fabric Shop, you can find hundreds of options in a variety of styles.

With the Alustra® Fabric Collection, you can quickly add elegance and fashion to your home. This fabric collection was crafted to meet the tastes of those most discerning individuals. It incorporates fabrics that are inspired by design, with unique colors and textures. For an impressive sheen that screams fine design, the hardware features metallic touches which will upgrade a more neutral color palette. Alustra fabrics are available for Pirouette® and Silhouette® Window Shadings, Duette® Honeycomb Shades, and Vignette® Modern Roman Shades.

Mr. K’s Fabric Shop can help you incorporate fabrics as a design element with a free design consultation. Located in Quincy, Illinois, we serve areas in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri, including Hamilton, Hannibal, Monroe City, and Keokuk. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.